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Overnight Rafting Trips with AVA

Overnight Whitewater Rafting Trip in Colorado

Taking any trips with AVA will get you the best, quality rafting experience that you can find in Colorado. We offer all sorts of rafting trips, from mild to wild and just a few hours in one day to a 3-day long ultimate rafting/camping/zipline adventure deluxe! Get the best bang for your buck on one of the overnight trips that we offer. They really give you the best feel for what it’s like to be rafting on the river while forgetting the stresses of modern day society.

Our 1-day overnight rafting trips are perfect for people who want a one-day getaway then have time to recuperate and make it back to work before the weekend is over. Our 24 Hours in Browns Canyon trip is the most popular overnight trip. Starting at noon, people will meet at our Granite Outpost which is 14 miles north of Buena Vista, CO. We will pack up the boat with all the gear and food, then hop in the rafts by about the same time other people are getting out, so the river will be all ours for a couple hours! The stopping point for our night of camping will be in the heart of Browns Canyon! Once we arrive to the campsite, rafters are welcome to wander around or hike for a while until it gets dark. Sundown is our queue for fireside stories and fresh grilled food (steaks, burgers, chicken, and veggie options). With a full belly of food, bed will be your next destination which is followed by waking up to a beautiful sunrise and a hot breakfast including all the classics such as pancakes, breakfast burritos, fresh fruit, and hot coffee. To wrap the trip up, we take one more ride down the river and then have you back to your car by noon that day. If you’d like to add to your experience, head out on a Mountaintop Zipline trip when you get back to the outpost, which can be packaged together with the Browns Canyon Deluxe trip.

The 24 Hours on Upper Colorado essentially offers the same trip layou of rafting, arrive at the campsite, dinner/fire, sleep, breakfast, rafting. There will be many chances to direct your attention towards historic cabins, massive waterfalls and tall canyon walls. Plenty of unique wildlife can be seen while on the river, so keep your eyes peeled! Included with this rafting trip, people will have a chance to ride on inflatable kayaks or stand-up paddleboards!

Our 3-day rafting trip, 3-day Mild to Wild, offers the most ultimate and dynamic rafting experience in Colorado! This trip is designed to give you every experience possible that we offer on the Arkansas River. This include rapids from class 2 up to class 4 and 5, as well as inflatable kayaks, rock climbing and rappelling. To put it shortly, this trip is the AVA catch-all for those who want it all in one big, awesome trip!

For every trip we offer, packing lists are provided to ensure a safe, comfortable and convenient trip. We also tell our adventurers to pack only what is necessary and then a couple extra items. Wet suits, splash jackets, helmets and life jackets are all provided for free, as well as tents, sleeping pads, chairs, tables, and firewood! Let’s not forget the free coffee! And, don’t worry, all of your memorable experiences are photographed professionally just in case you want to make the experience more permanent.


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